The Millpond Refreshment List

Every Friday the team at Millpond shut off their laptops, cease project scoping and focus on other very important details in life… refreshment ranking. We’ve been working hard to find that perfect Friday evening beverage to save you any disappointment after a hard earned week.

Millpond Refreshment Rankings

Score Refreshment Staff Comments
85% Townshends Black Arrow Pilsner
84% Boundary Road American Pale Ale
80% Rekorderlig Strawberry-Lime Cider “Very easy to drink”
80% Wild Side Feijoa & Passionfruit Cider
80% Wild Side Strawberry & Lime Cider “Oooh yeah!”
77% BRB – Stolen Base
77% Behemoth Chur NZ Pale Ale “Easy drinking, nice, zingy”
75% Mac’s Hop Rocker Pilsner
74% Emersons Hop Wops Session Pale Ale “Very refreshing, Late hitter”
74% Black Dog Bre Co. – Carrottop
72% Three Boys IPA “Pleasant surprise”
70% Galbraiths Special Edition Pilsner
68% Black Dog Brew Co. – Mangoes into a Bar
64% Monteiths American Pale Ale
60% Wild Side Apple & Pomegranate Cider “More cider-ish, good body”
60% Wild Side Wildberry Cider “Nice good wildberry flavour”
60% Emersons Pilsner “Flat”
58% Two Thumb Brewing Co NZ Pale Ale “Nose had shades of old gumboots, hint of tomcats”
57% Blair Street Kiwi Unleashed
56% Boundary Road American Double IPA
50% Townshends Sutton Hoo “Smells like sweat”
40% Galbraiths Pale Ale “Tastes like yellow lolly water”
28% Harringtons Prince Harry Ginger Beer “Disappointing”
28% Emersons Bookbinder “Heavy man’s beer”
25% Cassels & Sons – Red IPA “Hmmmmmm?”