Foodstuffs South Island

Richmond PAK’nSAVE Expansion

In 2016, Richmond PAk’nSAVE underwent a modification to expand the footprint of its store. This included new office and POS areas, a new server room, and a refresh of existing hardware and cabling throughout the store. Millpond worked closely with numerous FSSI Departments, Richmond PAK’nSAVE management team, and Coman Construction to plan an approach to this build, fit-out, and migration – with the need for zero to minimal impact to trading. Across a 6 month period, the new server room was fitted out, an edge cabinet installed, and services were migrated across.
The project was a great success, and the project has produced a store that the management team are very, very proud of.
The project management services provided by Millpond were seen as a key contributor to this success.

Foodstuffs-SI Market Network Resiliency Upgrade

Millpond was engaged to plan and manage the deployment of core IT infrastructure hardware at all New World and PAK’nSAVE supermarkets across the South Island (50 sites). The aim of this project was to improve the overall network and server resiliency for each market.
This work involved core switch replacements, installation of servers, topology changes, and sometimes full cabinet replacements. This project was delivered via four simultaneous deployment teams over a 4 month period.
Regular deployment reviews were held to improve efficiency and help share lessons learned. The project was completed successfully with zero impacts to any market’s ability to trade.

Foodstuffs-SI Hornby DC – Site Infrastructure Fitout

In 2014, the Foodstuffs Hornby Distribution Centre facilities were expanded to meet the modern demands of the business. Over a period of four months, the site and all its services were successfully transitioned over to the new server room that was established as part of the site developments.
FSSI’s management, in-conjunction with a Millpond Project Manager, lead their internal IT resources to deliver this project. Deliverables included WAN upgrades, installation of new network and server hardware, migrations of existing business critical systems, and modernising via virtualisation.
As the site remained fully operational during the course of the project, the risk to business operations needed to be carefully managed. Changes had to be thoroughly planned with special emphasis on phase gates and rollback processes. Clear and effective communication with business representatives was paramount.
Current and historic projects include:

  • Core network upgrades to 100+ markets across the South Island
  • HA/DR Datacentre delivery
  • Server room builds and fitouts
  • Wireless network solution rollouts
  • Eftpos connectivity upgrades
  • IT deployments and support during acquisitions and expansions



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