Christchurch City Council

James Dobson, was engaged for over 3 years at the Christchurch City Council and was instrumental in the delivery of 2 extremely challenging initiatives as follows;

Implementation of Asset Management Systems and Processes

As a response to the Christchurch Earthquakes, new urgency was required in the implementation of Infrastructure Asset Management Systems and Processes at the Christchurch City Council. This was initiated in an environment of constant disruption through staff changes and general mayhem caused by the Canterbury quakes. The Millpond team, led by James Dobson, handled this with a cheerful yet, caring demeanour, which was instrumental of ensuring the project team were engaged and motivated throughout this 18 month programme of work.

The programme involved implementing the Asset Management module of SAP and associated interfaces and business processes. This complex initiative, was successfully implemented through several releases spanning almost 2 years and was brought in on budget and within time and quality constraints.

Project Recovery and Implementation of Building Consent Systems and Processes

James became involved in this project when 75% of the budget had been spent and approximately 10% of the functionality had been delivered. This was essentially an ERP implementation and involved the replacement of legacy systems and the implementation of 14 interfaces and re-engineered business processes for a team that was already stretched to breaking point by the demands of the Christchurch City rebuild. After rescoping the project and implementing corrective action the solution was fast tracked and delivered within 6 months.

The CCC’s CIO was on the Steering Board of both programmes and published the following recommendation of James’s services;

“James is an excellent Senior Project Manager. I have used him for two very significant high risk, high profile projects, which have been delivered successfully. James has a great ability to keep projects on track (time, cost, quality), James also shows good judgement in knowing when to escalate issues and risk to the steering board. I would not hesitate to hire James again in the future.”



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